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Mikasa VLS 300 Beach Volleyball

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The best choice for Beach Volleyball worldwide!

Cover from finest micro material in machine sewn 10-panel design. Soft and non-slip surface for perfect ball control. Lower "rebound effect" increases the contact time for precise passing. Double cloth backing reinforces the panels for superior shape retention. Better ball recognition through curved panel design and colouring. Improved water resistance.

   Size: 5 - Official

Weight: 260 - 280 g

Circumference 67 cm (+/-1 cm).260 - 280 g.

  • Newly developed soft composite cover
  • Improved control when passing and hitting
  • Double cloth backing for best shape retention
  • Curved 10 panel design for easy recognition
  • Improved water resistance

Official game ball for:

  • Olympic Games 2012 in London
  • FIVB World Tour
  • CEV European Championship

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Mikasa VLS 300 Beach Volleyball

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